Are you searching for the simplest way of how you can develop an email service that can send and schedule sending of the emails with template of your choice? Then you might find some useful insights in this article, So let’s get started…

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Building Email body with Apache FreeMarker template

Apache FreeMarker is a template engine that allows using of data models or objects within HTML template by making use of interpolation and those object values would be substituted at run time.

So let’s say we have a data model MailRequest.kt with following properties.

So below is the…

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Spinning up a server is now as easy as writing a function. Sounds intriguing right?! In this post, we will look at how we can build a server with a simple function in Kotlin using http4k. This came from the concept of the server as a function and we will explore this shortly.

Building server-side applications that can scale to a massive number of clients, Interoperability with other programming languages, the ability to compile to multiple platforms, null safety, conciseness, and expressive coding are just a few of the features of Kotlin. All these features set Kotlin apart from other…


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